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So today I did do better than I thought I would...up until thirty minutes ago. I ate a reasonable breakfast and lunch, my snacking went a little over and I could have gone without the pudding popsicle I had after dinner.

Around 9:00pm I ate some cheese with coleslaw dressing, ice cream, pretzels, chocolate milk with chocolate graham crackers, Goldfish, jam with peanut butter, crackers with ranch and some frosted Wheaties. Luckily my dad was on the couch and woke up from his nap to ask where my mom was before I decided to have another cup of ice cream (at least it was low-fat and 100 calories per serving). My stomach kills right now, I really didn't do as bad as I have done in the past, but I wish I would have been strong enough to last the whole day. I didn't do as poorly as I had thought I would yesterday, but its going to be hard to get over this addiction.

So true! Josh Hutcherson is my dream boy!
Remember him being chubby a few years back? Turns out
he started to diet to get in shape for his new adult career.
I feel like he and I have a lot in common....

I've been trying to avoid a binge food of mine each day and I had been doing pretty well up until tonight.

Here of some of my biggest binge temptations that I've been trying to:
1- Graham crackers (chocolate, cinnamon, plain)
2- Peanut butter
3- Cheese
4- Ice cream
5- Maple syrup
6- Jam
7- Frosted mini-wheats
8- Mustard pretzels
.....and more.

I have another soccer game tomorrow so I hope that I can avoid bingeing after school like last week's little episode.

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