Here Comes the Binge

Today, my sister Holly was married to my new brother-in-law Christian S. They are too cute together! The reception was gorgeous (it was inspired by cute DIY ideas from Pinterest) and I loved being able to spend time with my siblings. I did pretty well up until the reception around 6:30pm. I monitored myself pretty well, but the event was catered by a gourmet doughnut shop....which practically doomed me from the moment I stepped into the venue. I guess I could have done worse than I did, but I ate about two-and-a-half doughnuts, more flavored popcorn than I should have (my biggest downfall of the night) and a huge piece of fruit, vegetables, snacks and other finger foods along the way. I didn't necessarily binge, but I felt disgusting as the night drew to an end. I really need to learn to prevent these cravings and weaknesses of mine.

After the temple ceremony, we went to grab some lunch before the reception because we weren't planning on commuting across the valley for the entire day. I ordered a normal lunch, but I picked at my sibling's leftovers after I was done with my allotted serving ( I did manage to only eat half of my sandwich instead of the whole thing like I thought I would). Also at breakfast, I ate some spray whip cream and maple syrup (one of my favorite "snacks") which probably also wasn't very good either.

So I guess today was okay, but I wish I could have done better and been stronger. I justified my actions because it was a party and I should let myself have a little "fun" (it's pathetic how my fun has evolved from activity to eating...). I hope I didn't set myself back even further...I'm more than a little scared to see what tomorrow brings.

On a brighter note, my friends managed to make it up to the reception and we had a blast together. I'm pretty sure most of them came just for the free food (they were making plans to crash other weddings in the area after), but I was touched to see the few that came for me. I've noticed that the more I distract myself, like with friends or playing with my cute nephew, I tend to do better with my eating habits. Hopefully I'll be able to master this concept over the next few months as I try to lose the weight I've gained back. I realized that if I stay relatively strong for the next four months, I could lose at least 15 lbs and give myself a fantastic birthday present!

Riding the train Holly rented for the wedding
with my friends

Awkward moment on the train...yeah, we're pretty awesome

Congrats Holly and Christian!
Good try... me!

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