During the end of my Sophomore year and the beginning of my Junior year of high school, I began to diet by using a calorie deficit. As time went on, I became highly restrictive of what I ate and obsessed over making sure I only at around 1,200 calories a day; to meet this goal, I eventually resorted to living off of celery, dressing-free salads, and sugar-free drink mixes. I was able to lose about 40 lbs., but my "diet" quickly turned into an eating disorder--although I didn't realize this at the time.

Towards the middle of my Junior year, I experienced a lot of stress with my friend group and the tight control that I had over what I ate spiraled out of control. I turned to food as a medication for my depression and gained around 65 lbs. in three months. Along with the weight gain, I developed a binge eating disorder (where you eat uncontrollably for hours at a time) that lasted until I graduated from high school. During this time I was suicidal and highly depressed as well.

Thanks to the help of Dr. Michael Spigarelli, I was able to overcome my binge eating disorder and my body dysmorphia that had followed me throughout my life. It's been nearly five years since I first started my journey with eating disorders, and I can proudly say that I now have a healthy relationships with food and my body; and eating disorder free. I use this blog as a form of therapy for myself, to promote body positivity, to provide eating disorder education and hopefully prevent others from taking the paths that I took. 

There's a lot more to my story than the few paragraphs on this page, so feel free to read through my blog posts (click on the labels on the right sidebar of the page for help specifying what you're looking for) to learn more about me and my message.

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