Eating Disorder Awareness Week Begins

Hey everyone!

Our first ever celebration of Eating Disorder Awareness Week starts today! Starting tomorrow and going until Saturday, I'll be posting submissions that were sent to me from other individuals who have struggled with eating disorders and are on the path to recovery. I'm really excited to share what they have to say with you and I know that their stories will be able to speak to you in ways that my story can't. 

One of my goals for this week is to bring awareness not only to the eating disorders themselves, but to the prevalence and diversity of eating disorder experiences. Although a lot of the women that you're going to hear from this week have gone through similar--if not the same, disorders, eating disorders are incredibly individualistic and unique to each survivor. Just like no two individuals are the same, no two individuals with disorders are either. 

Anyways, get ready for a great week and thanks for all of your support! 

No two disorders look the same. 


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